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Welcome Sels College, English courses in London - English Language Schools in London

* a friendly professional school of English with 30 years of experience
* a hardworking school with small class sizes
* situated in the heart of London near the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden
* which enjoys a world-wide reputation for excellence of its courses

We teach English in small groups of 5 to 9 as follows:

1. General English for Communication
Covers all the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing plus grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
2. Speaking
Includes conversation, pronunciation, situations and vocabulary.

3. Business English
English specifically for business purposes.

5. English for admission to a College or a University. FCE, CAE, CPE
University of Cambridge examinations from upper intermediate to advanced level.

The average age of our students is 23 (youngest being 17 and oldest around 50).

Courses and fees

Most programmes have their own web sites that describe activities in much greater detail. A button to help you link to a programme site is given at the bottom of each programme page. If you want more details you are strongly advised to visit the programme sites.

We offer a wide range of activities to support teachers of design and technology, including:

Our fees are competitive for the high quality of teaching in groups of 5 to 9 by professional and sympathetic teachers. Please click here for courses and fees information. See new courses for 2016.

Teaching in groups of 5 to 9
(average 6 in a group)

Our style of teaching in small groups gives the learner ample opportunity to develop all the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The teachers are specially trained to teach English to people from abroad and are sensitive to learners' needs.

"Sels College is a school with a heart," said the famous phonetician Professor A. C. Gimson of London University. We ensure that our students achieve success in English and take home happy memories of their stay in England.

Other services

* Accommodation is available in central London with families, in hotels and from mid-June to mid-September in University of London halls in Russell Square (about 15 minutes on foot).
* The school has weekly social programme.
* A car can be sent to collect the students from Heathrow Airport at £79

Assess you english

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Scroll down the page and type in the name of your school, then click on ‘search for schools’. Select the appropriate school from the results listed and click ‘submit’.

Common Questions

My English is not very good. Will you have a class at my level, and can I change class if necessary?
Every student is tested on the first day and is given a class between elementary and advanced levels. You can talk to the Director of Studies if you think you need to change your class.

Where can I live?
Most students live in London home stay accommodation chosen by our friendly staff.

The average journey time from home to school is 15-30 minutes on foot but excellent bus services are also available.

Longer stay students are eligible for a student Travelcard, which gives reduced fares on buses and trams. See accommodation.

Let our staff look after all aspects of your stay and make your time in England enjoyable and rewarding.

Come to Sels College London to improve your English, meet other students from around the world and have a great time!