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The Assessment Test

Asses your english

* Please complete this assessment test immediately after you have completed the course application form so that we can find you a place on a suitable course.

For us to get an idea of your level of English, please answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES where possible. Do not use a dictionary or any other book or ask anyone to help you.
1. Personal Details
Your Full Name *
Email *
(1) What's your full name?
(2) How old are you?
(3) Where do you live?
(4) Are you working or are you a student?
(5) Have you ever been to Britain to experience our culture?
(6) What do you do in your free time?
(7) What difficulties do you have in English with Personal injury?
(8) What do you think is the best way of acquiring a new language?
2. Dialogue for Claims

Complete this imaginary dialogue between yourself (A) and the immigration spanish courses officer (B) at Heathrow Airport (London):

Adam joined Sugar Media in March 2006. Adam has over ten years experience in media and publishing, both in the UK, EMEA and the United States. Adam specialises in online and mobile marketing and has a background in both online and offline media research and consultancy working with clients such as GSK, Unilever, P&G, COI, Vodafone, MSN, Yahoo!, News International, the Telegraph Group, ANM and the Guardian amongst many others.

B: What is the purpose of your visit?

A: I'm a tourist.

B: Have you ever used service?

A: No, this is my first

B: How long ?

A: I'm not sure, maybe

B: That's

A: Is that all?

B: Yes, your passport.
3. Picture Questions
(1) What is the exact time?
(2) Why are the mice smiling at the cat?
(3) Describe the expression on this face.
(4) If a donkey is regarded as an obstinate animal, what characteristic do you associate with a horse?
4. Words and Phrases

Since its formation in 1999, College Media has built up a loyal client base including top blue-chip recruiters, leading corporates, national and local government departments, public sector organisations and universities and colleges.

Make one sentence with each of these expressions, that is, 6 separate sentences:
(1) can
(2) should
(4) hardly
(5) as a rule
(6) obsessed with
5. A telephone call

Write out in full the following Tutorcom Language Courses telephone dialogue between two people:

Our products focus on education, training, school leaver and graduate careers and widening access. We provide recruiters and advertisers with ground-breaking but also tried and tested media solutions. 

B. I'm sorry / just gone out / can I / a message
A. It's all right / I'll / later.
B. I'm afraid / she / won't be / late / in the evening.
A. I see / could you / please / her / Pedro called / Madrid / say / he / received the book
6. Composition

This useful information can now be accessed on the internet. Maintaining this information is hard and we would find it helpful if you could point out any errors. This is a free service that we are trying to offer to over 30,000 schools and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Write a short composition of about 120 words. Choose only one of the 4 topics below:
My family
“I was near Big Ben when it started to rain cats and dogs.” Continue this story in your own way.

Write your composition here:

Please make sure you have done all parts of the assessment test from section 1 to 6.

Any public notices that have been submitted by your school will now be displayed. To access your schools private notice board follow the hints above and then complete these steps.

Common Questions

My English is not very good. Will you have a class at my level, and can I change class if necessary?
Every student is tested on the first day and is given a class between elementary and advanced levels. You can talk to the Director of Studies if you think you need to change your class.

Where can I live?
Most students live in London home stay accommodation chosen by our friendly staff.

The average journey time from home to school is 15-30 minutes on foot but excellent bus services are also available.

Longer stay students are eligible for a student Travelcard, which gives reduced fares on buses and trams. See accommodation.

Let our staff look after all aspects of your stay and make your time in England enjoyable and rewarding.

Come to Sels College London to improve your English, meet other students from around the world and have a great time!