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How to enrol      

Applicants who need a student visa to enter Britain are required by British immigration rules to attend a course of 15 hours or more a week.

European Union nationals do not require a student visa to enter Britain.
(Please see the 'Important Information' page.)
Application and test

To confirm a booking, the College requires the completed course application form together with the student's answers to the assessment test. The student will be sent an invoice for payment.

Click here for the Application Form and the Assessment Test.

Important Information and advice

To make your stay pleasant, safe and enjoyable, please make a note of the following points:
The correct address of the College for correspondence is:

Sels College
64-65 Long Acre
Covent Garden
London WC2E 9SX

Telephone: 020 7240 2581
Fax: 020 7379 5793
Email: english@sels.co.uk

(We can only take URGENT messages for students.)
Please plan your course, accommodation, travel and other matters carefully
Look after your valuables

Take good care of your money and other valuables and beware of pickpockets in crowded places, especially when crossing the street or getting on or off a bus or a train. Money and other valuables are best deposited in a safe place.
Absenteeism / Illness

* If you are going to be absent, please let us know in advance.
* If you are ill or go into hospital, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

NHS Registration

Those eligible should register with an NHS (National Health Service) doctor near where they live. Their landlady or the Post Office will be able to give them the address of a local NHS doctor. Others are advised to register with a private doctor. Further information is available from the college.

Fees are calculated by the week, irrespective of any public holiday, i.e., the fees per week remain the same even if there is a Bank Holiday in a week. Fees must be settled before or on commencement of the course.

We reserve the right to alter fees and courses without notice.
Wednesday morning lessons

All morning classes finish fifteen minutes earlier on Wednesdays for the weekly teachers' meeting to discuss ways of teaching, student welfare and other academic matters.
Extending your English course

An existing student who wishes to continue at the College must re-enrol at least two weeks before his or her current registration expires. Once a student has booked a course, in general we cannot change the type or length of the course without prior arrangement. Students are not allowed to take a break in the course unless it is on medical grounds or for some other urgent reason. Students taking examinations in June or December must book and continue with us until the end of June or mid-December respectively.
Accommodation rules

Students must observe the conditions of the hostel, hotel or family or the agency. Family accommodation is based on a guest-host relationship. As generally no changes can be made after the accommodation has been arranged, students are advised not to book accommodation for long periods. If they wish to extend their stay with the same family, they should find out from the College in the first couple of weeks whether this would be possible. Please note that the contract is between the student and the host-family, hotel or hostel or the agency.
Advance notice for certificates

If you need a letter or an attendance certificate or some other document or information, please give us advance notice.
Student Visa

Non-European Union students are strongly advised to apply for entry clearance as students (not as tourists) from the British Embassy or Consulate before arrival in this country. You need to have a letter of enrolment, evidence of funds, and to have an acceptable plan to study in this country and to leave the UK at the end of your course(s).

Where applicable, the visa needs to be renewed before the expiry date, by post or in person.

The Home Office address is:
Home Office, Nationality and Immigration Department,
Lunar House, Wellesley Road, Croydon CR9 2BYT

(about 40 minutes by train from Victoria main line station).
Making the most of your stay

Students are asked to attend regularly and co-operate and work hard to obtain the maximum benefit from their stay with us. An unsatisfactory student may be asked to leave the College. Regular attendance is required.

When in doubt or difficulty with regard to any matter, please speak to your teacher, the Director of Studies or the Principal. We are here to help you achieve success with English and to make your stay a happy one. Sels College is a member of English UK (formerly ARELS) who may be contacted in case of a dispute concerning an important matter at 56 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AG or our solicitor.

It is assumed that the student has read this information and the other pages and agrees to observe the conditions of enrolment and the laws of the United Kingdom.


Cómo inscribirte

Los solicitantes que necesiten un visado de estudiante para ingresar en Gran Bretaña necesitan, ateniéndose a las leyes de inmigración del Reino Unido, asistir a un curso de 15 o más horas semanales.

Los ciudadanos de la Unión Europea no necesitan visado de estudiante para ingresar en Inglaterra.
(Por favor, ver la página 'Información Importante')
Solicitud de inscripción y examen

Para confirmar una reserva, la escuela requiere tanto el formulario de inscripción completo como las respuestas del estudiante al examen de evaluación. Al estudiante le enviarán una factura de pago.

* Para inscribirte en un curso, por favor, completa el formulario de inscripción y el examen de evaluación. Si no puedes responder alguna pregunta, responde "cannot answer" en el espacio destinado a la respuesta.
* Se ruega completar el examen de evaluación inmediatamente después de haber rellenado el formulario de inscripción de este curso para que podamos buscarte una plaza en un curso adecuado.
* Si lo prefieres, puedes imprimir este formulario y enviarlo a Sels College por correo postal o fax al (+44) 020 7379 5793.
* Es necesario que leas la información sobre cursos y tarifas para completar el formulario.

Haz clic aquí para ir al Formulario de Inscripción y al Examen de Evaluación.

Formalités d'inscription

Les candidats ayant besoin d'un visa "étudiant" pour entrer au Royaume-Uni sont tenus, conformément aux lois nationales sur l'immigration, de suivre un cours d'un minimum de 15 heures par semaine.

Les ressortissants de l'Union européenne n'ont pas besoin d'un visa "étudiant" pour entrer en Grande Bretagne. (Veuillez vous reporter à la rubrique Informations importantes).
Demande d'inscription et test

Pour confirmer une réservation, l'école a besoin du formulaire d'inscription complet ainsi que des réponses de l'étudiant au test d'évaluation. L'étudiant recevra alors une facture pour le paiement.

Cliquez ici accéder au Formulaire d'inscription et au Test d'évaluation.


Come iscriversi

Coloro che intendono iscriversi ed hanno bisogno di un visto per studenti per entrare in Gran Bretagna devono attenersi alle leggi sull’immigrazione del Regno Unito, frequentando un corso di 15 o piú ore settimanali.

I cittadini dell’Unione Europea non hanno bisogno del visto. Si prega di leggere con attenzione la pagina 'Informazioni importanti'
Domanda d’iscrizione e verifica iniziale

Per confermare una prenotazione, la scuola richiede che lo studente compili per intero il modulo d’iscrizione e che presenti le risposte alla verifica iniziale delle competenze in lingua inglese. Allo studente verrà inviata una fattura di pagamento.

Como matricular-se

Os candidatos que necessitem de um visto de estudante para entrar na Grã-Bretanha são obrigados segundo as leis de imigração do Reino Unido, a frequentar um curso de 15 ou mais horas semanais.

Os cidadãos da União Europeia não precisam de visto para entrar em Inglaterra. (Consultar a página "Informações importantes")
Candidatura e exame

Para confirmar uma reserva, a escola requer tanto o formulário de inscrição completo como as respostas do estudante ao exame de avaliação. Será enviada uma factura de pagamento ao estudante.

Common Questions

My English is not very good. Will you have a class at my level, and can I change class if necessary?
Every student is tested on the first day and is given a class between elementary and advanced levels. You can talk to the Director of Studies if you think you need to change your class.

Where can I live?
Most students live in London home stay accommodation chosen by our friendly staff.

The average journey time from home to school is 15-30 minutes on foot but excellent bus services are also available.

Longer stay students are eligible for a student Travelcard, which gives reduced fares on buses and trams. See accommodation.

Let our staff look after all aspects of your stay and make your time in England enjoyable and rewarding.

Come to Sels College London to improve your English, meet other students from around the world and have a great time!